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Posted by londonparis2009 on March 13, 2009 at 10:56 AM

On Tuesday this week, March 10th, we received a letter asking me to go for an appointment at Derrifield Hospital, Plymouth, at 3.10pm. On Wednesday morning I bought the train tickets on my way in to work. It promised to be a challenging journey, entailing leaving Crediton at 10.37am and getting back to Crediton at 9.05pm. As I cycled up to my office my mobile rang but I couldn't answer it. When I got to my office my assistant asked me to sit down and stay calm. Derriford had phoned my wife cancelling the Thursday appointment and the appointment for next Monday which hadn't even been confirmed yet, and asking me to come instead on March 23rd. She pointed out that I shall be in Trieste that day, and that we had already purchased all the train tickets. They agreed to reinstate the appointment, even though only Mr Whitfield could see me, the neurosurgeon, and not Dr Adams, the neuroradiologist.

We went to the appointment yesterday. The main points were that Plymouth did not think that my cavernoma had in fact bled, according to the scans from October, January and February, but I do indeed have a cavernoma. Mr Whitfield thought that I had suffered two seizures. The problem is that on both occasions I was completely alone so nobody can say exactly what happened, and I have amnesia. He proposed that I should go on medication for the rest of my life. I explained that I don't ever like taking medication, but would reconsider if I have any further seizures. I have a poor opinion of the medication which in the experience of my sisters zombifies. Hopefully I can survive without it.

I have written to Dr Harrower at Exeter outlining these issues, and whether I have in fact epilepsy in some form or other, and whether I did have any bleeds. The diagnosis at the time of my first episode was very clearly intraparenchymal bleeding.

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